Light jets are generally the most cost-effective and efficient option if you will be taking a trip with fewer than eight people and traveling within the country. Light jets can usually travel about 1,500 miles non-stop and have just the right amenities for these kinds of shorter trips. There are many different types of light jets to choose from, however, so understanding different characteristics of the planes can help you choose the plane that suits you best.

Learjet Lear 35

The Learjet Lear 35 is best if you will be traveling with five people or less. The baggage storage on the Learjet Lear 35 is unique because it can be accessed while in flight. The jet is equipped with very comfortable seating, several cushioned single seats and a few side-by-side seats that can be used to lounge on if desired. The jet also includes an iPod dock and internet access, so you can make the most of your devices while in flight. This is the perfect jet for a vacation with immediate family.

Eclipse 500

The Eclipse 500 only has four seats, so it is perfect for quick trips with limited groups. The aircraft is very light and small, so it can be landed at even the smallest airports. The interior is sparse and efficient, with four single seats that recline and dining tables with cup holders. This jet is best for business use, particularly when there are meetings or business ventures that are within the state or in a nearby state.

Nextant 400XT

The Nextant 400XT is a luxurious light aircraft that can comfortably carry seven passengers. The aircraft has a slightest longer range than most light jets, it is able to fly 2,096 miles non-stop. The seating has been expertly designed to provide plenty of legroom and there is an open archway for stretching out during the flight. This is a perfect light jet to choose if you are going on a leisurely trip across the country or to a neighboring country with the extended family or a close group of friends.

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