Cessna Citation Mustang – Private Very Light Jet Charter

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Cessna Citation Mustang

Cessna Citation Mustang Exterior

Cessna Citation Mustang Exterior

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet class business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company.

The Cessna Citation Mustang has a fine blend of cabin comfort, performance, and reliability. It is a good choice for short trips. The deciding factor for most clients when comparing the Mustang to other similar jets is often the comfort of the cabin.

The Citation Mustang is an excellent entry level light jet. It has a club configuration with a jump seat in the front of the cabin. It will seat five passengers comfortably.

The Mustang was designed for short to medium range charter flights. It is a great fit for corporate jet charters.

A good charter flight for a Mustang would be Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas or to the Florida Keys.

Cessna Citation Mustang Interior

Cessna Citation Mustang Interior

Cessna Citation Mustang Interior

The Mustang isn’t just roomy inside, however: it has an external baggage capacity of 46 cubic feet and an internal capacity.
In other words, this private jet can haul about five suitcases and two golf bags, depending on the specific jet configuration and amount of passengers.

Cessna spent considerable time on sound control in its design of the Citation Mustang, using new soundproofing techniques and triple-glazed windows. The result is one of the quietest light private jets available.

Other notable features include the two-zone temperature control and the ventilation system designed to eliminate drafts.

Cessna Citation Mustang Specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Airspeed: 391 mph
  • Range: 1200 nm
  • Cabin Width: 4.6 feet
  • Cabin Height: 4.5 feet
  • Cabin Length: 9.9 feet

For a personalized quote on the Cessna Citation Mustang for your next executive trip, or any other occasion, contact us or call our 24/7 Flight Team at (888) 507-8582.

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