TBM 900 Private Turbo Prop Charter

TBM 900

TBM 900 Turboprop

TBM 900 Turboprop

The TBM 900 benefits from everything that DAHER Airplane Business Unit has learned from the previous versions of the TBM family. The TBM 900 offers even greater speed, range and efficiency than previous TBMs.

It has also improved short field capabilities and, as a result, It can be used on just about all general aviation runways. Approaching at only 90 KIAS or less, short runways or short unpaved surfaces will accommodate the TBM 900.

The new 5-blade Hartzell propeller reduces noise and improves take off performance.

The availability of thrust reversal on the TBM 900 substantially improves safety margins over aircraft without these capabilities when flying into shorter fields, (particularly when the surface is wet) allowing landing on extremely short strips and runways safely using less than 2,430 ft.

This is very different than the case of most light jets limited by their “hot and high” runway performance.

In other words, a runway available to the TBM is simply not available to others or it will require them substantial reductions of cabin and fuel load.

With the TBM 900, fly closer to your destination and travel the world while carrying everything you need.

The TBM 900 with a cruise speed of 330 KTAS at FL280 (in ISA conditions) gives pilots the advantages of the typical cruising speeds of light jets, with the economical direct operating costs of a single-engine turboprop.

1,730 Nautical Miles is the range of the TBM 900 at long-range cruising speed with 4 people on board.

The TBM 900 can fly more than 130 NM further than the TBM 850 using the same amount of fuel. If you want to travel 1,585 NM and reduce your flight by almost an hour, you can do it flying almost 40 kts faster in the TBM 900.

TBM 900 Aircraft Interior

TBM 900 B

It was designed to make doing business even easier and to make flying a pleasure for all your senses; from the sleek lines outside, to the wood or carbon-fiber with leather trim inside.

Top grain leather is used on all seated surfaces with detailed stitching. Seats easily recline allowing you to relax in generously sized, sculpted deep cushions with padded leather armrests.

It offers the most elegant and luxurious environment, as you would expect from the best European design and craftsmanship.

The cabin is 14.96 ft long and 4 ft in height and width, and offers 6 comfortable leathers seats with adjustable backrests, folding armrest and a large folding executive table in the center.

Easy access to the cabin is possible through a large electric door, stairs and a ramp. Once inside, 7 rectangular windows with pull down sunshades will protect your privacy, and a fully automated dual zone environmental control system will keep you comfortable.

Cabin lighting consists of dome lights, baggage compartment lights, access stair lighting, and individual reading lights at all seats.

It offers 14/24V and USB power outlets, iPod, XM satellite music or radio, and many optional storage cabinets.

For a personalized price or advice on any TBM 900 itinerary, Contact our 24/7 Expert Flight Team at (888) 507-8582.

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