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With a whole lot of schedules planned for the week, it’s high time that you give yourself leeway to move about from one city to another conveniently, More than this, work and rest need to go together when you’re preparing for big sales reports, meeting a new client and starting a new venture in a new place. West Palm Jets allows you to multitask and prepare for the rest of your trip by taking care of the most crucial part of every business endeavor outside your office ̶ travel, which can make or break your opportunity to connect to networks of companies and persons of influence.

Get the peace of mind you need with West Palm Jets’ safety standards that are accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration and be on time for your new undertakings in another state.

Here’s how West Palm Jets will make your mind ready for the job and refreshed all throughout the travel period:

West Palm Jets Follows Wyvern Standard and Jet Regulations

Safety and security is a top priority when traveling. The Wyvern Standard is known as the most restrictive aviation safety standard in the flying industry. They give authorization to jet charter companies to have direct access to Wyvern Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports. West Palm Jets is duly authorized to check evidence on safety information regarding private aircraft charter operator, aircraft regulations and flight crew, and other safety standards that have been verified.

West Palm Jets Generates Safety Reports

West Palm Jets requires safety reports on every private charter aircraft partners who are fully compliant with Part 135 of Title 14 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. On top of that, West Palm Jets makes sure that all pilots are well qualified and has quite an experience already. Aside from that, the maintenance and insurance records of private jets are also verified.

West Palm Jets Complies with International Standards

Partnering with the best aviation audit authorities such as Wyvern and ARGUS, West Palm Jets ensures that the top-tier private aircraft are compliant to the safety standards set. Hence, release or operation of any flight is always guaranteed to pass critical jet safety regulations and standards.

Through the years, the West Palm Jets safety program is committed to excellence, honesty, and integrity. Safety records of an aircraft can be given to the passenger prior to flight. This continually gives customers worldwide the peace of mind when traveling or chartering a private jet. This is one of the main reasons why West Palm Jets remains to be the leading private jet charter service in the industry. Stay safe and secured when traveling; book your exclusive business trips by calling 1-888-507-8582.

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