Top Places to Spend a Relaxing Retreat During Memorial Day

Top Places to Spend a Relaxing Retreat During Memorial Day

Memorial Day or formerly Decoration Day is a springtime tribute to countless fallen soldiers in the American Civil War. Between the Confederates and Yankees by decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers. For some, they chose to spend it with a relaxing retreat off to the place they wish.

Celebrate Memorial Day with West Palm Jets

Get together with family and friends or fly solo and commemorate the many blessings you’ve been given. Celebrate Memorial Day with a host of events from memorial parades to outdoor concerts and scenic views of the beach or mountains.

It all depends on you whether you want to be the outgoing or traditional type of person on that day. No matter how you want to celebrate memorial day, here’s a few places to check out for the long weekend:

New York Fleet Week

New York Liberty

Mark your calendar for a week of excitement starting with the parade of ships and a visit to cruise ships in different piers in NYC. Including the New York Harbor, Eisenhower Park, Sullivan’s Pier and the Flagship Brewery.

Brooklyn Memorial Parade

memorial day parade

Photo by UnitedWarVeterans on / CC BY

For a more commemorative celebration, one may join the Brooklyn Memorial Day parade with a 21-gun salute show. Performing music bands and classic autos are also on display. Don’t miss out on the delicious grill off at night as well.

Miami Urban Beach Week

Miami beach

If you’re more of a beach lover, the Miami Urban Beach Week is full of outdoor concerts and nightclubs. Along with the celebration of March of Colors, a wreath ceremony at the Miami Police Headquarters.

New Orleans Food and Wine Fest

New Orleans food festival

For a Greek-inspired celebration filled with fun and festivities, check out New Orleans in Louisiana. Prepare for an incredible wine and dine experience for Memorial Day celebration.

Honeyman Memorial State Park

honeyman park

Photo by Rick Obst on / CC BY

Outdoor hiking and camping with marine life is possible at the Honeyman Memorial State Park in Oregon. Take a break from the busy city life and just unwind with nature.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod race

For fun and fitness activities, get acquainted with a fit and friendly race with the Great Hyannis Race. Bike or trek at Cape Cod Bay to witness the magnificent 360-degree view of the coast.

Salute To Our Heroes At Phoenix, Arizona

barbecue party

The family takes center stage in the “Salute To Our Heroes” weekend activity for both kids and adults. Featuring an unlimited barbeque party, fireworks, and spa packages for adults.

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