If you’ve done a lot of traveling, you probably have your own mental list of some of the best and worst airports you’ve ever been to. Waiting times, comfort, amenities, services, and leisure activities are all things to consider when you’ll be spending time in an airport. SkyTrax’s World Airport Awards takes into account more than 13 million passenger reviews, who have named it the best airport in the world seven times.

Take a look at why Singapore’s Chiangi airport is consistently named the world’s best airport by travelers around the world.

Chiangi’s Top Amenities

Chiangi is known as a luxury airport, and with good reason. This airport boasts 4 huge terminals to facilitate swift travel for loads of people. You’ll also find great avenues for entertainment and leisure during your visit, ranging from free movie theaters to a top-floor swimming pool to – believe it or not – a butterfly garden! If your layover is 5 hours or longer, you can even take a free tour of Singapore from terminal 3.

Connectivity and Comfort

We all know that wifi is critical in an airport, and travelers can rejoice in knowing that Chiangi offers free and unlimited wifi. If you need a faster connection, a paid upgrade is available. if you’re looking to relax during a layover, you’ll have access to a number of benches, chairs, couches, and lounge areas, as well as ample areas for a shower or even a spa day. If you’re hungry, you have a multitude of tasty options available 24/7.

Under Construction for Your Traveling Pleasure

While it’s clear that it’s already at the top of the list, Chiangi is not resting there. it’s currently under construction, building a stunning 10-story steel and glass terminal that will house the largest indoor waterfall in the world, as well as a massive park. This terminal is set to be open to the public in 2018.

If you’re looking to travel to Singapore for business or pleasure, call us today to book your Singapore private jet charter through Chiangi so you can have some fun and relaxation on the side.

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