Wyvern, Argus, and Your Safety

Before you book a private jet charter, you should always look for Wyvern and Argus certifications. Seeing these certifications is assurance that safety is a top priority for your charter broker. If your charter broker works with Wyvern and Argus, you will be able to view reports about your flight prior to departure.

What are Wyvern and Argus?

If you’ve never booked a private jet charter with West Palm Jet Charter, you may not have heard of Wyvern or Argus. These companies are both third-party safety auditors that operate in the private aviation industry. Wyvern and Argus have reputations as the top auditors in the industry, with the most stringent safety standards.



Wyvern Consulting was the very first aviation auditing company in the United States, beginning service in 1991, so it stands to reason that they helped set the industry standard. Wyvern has the strictest standards in the industry, exceeding the FAA Part 135 minimums. West Palm Jet Charter has authorization to instantly access Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports on each private charter flight that’s booked.



Argus International (also known as ARG/US or the Aviation Research Group/US) was founded in 1995 and is now a recognized leader in the aviation auditing industry around the world. Argus evaluates the aircraft maintenance record, insurance coverage, flight history, pilot experience, flight hours, and current status of inspections as part of each audit. West Palm Jet Charter can access Argus’ TripCheq and review this information before each flight to ensure the highest safety standards.

Reports and Your Safety

Having access to Wyvern and Argus reports allows you to review the safety of your flight, evaluating the information with your own eyes so that you are as comfortable as possible with the details of your trip. Flying with a company that doesn’t provide these reports can be risky, as there may not be assurance of the safety of the aircraft or the experience level of the crew.

Booking with West Palm Jet Charter

When you book a flight with West Palm Jet Charter, experts will work hard on your behalf to find you a safe flight that fits your needs, ensuring compliance with both Wyvern and Argus standards. Additionally, professionals will use state of the art technology to analyze over 1000 flights to find the most convenient and cost-effective flight option for you.


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