all-American 4th of July celebrationThe Fourth of July is coming up. It’s a celebration for the whole country because on July 4, 1776, the United States of America was born as an independent nation. To keep the spirit of freedom alive, Americans celebrate the holiday in their own states with enormous floats & parades and top it off with blazing fireworks when the dark settles in. Although it’s heartfelt to take part in the celebration, what if you could go cross-country and experience the country’s freedom in several different states all in ONE DAY?

With a private jet, not only do you get to be in several places in a day, but you also have the comfort and ease of traveling in style with your own private aircraft with family or friends! Here are some destinations you can visit and experience the all-American 4th of July celebration:


Denver, Colorado

If you will be bringing growing kids with you, its best to visit Denver first. The University Park neighborhood starts their celebration as early as 10 in the morning! This includes a parade for non-motorized, homemade floats, a two-part parade for both younger (5 to 9 year-olds) and older (ages 10+) children, and refreshment booths manned by volunteers whose proceeds all go to charity! Well-behaved pets are allowed to walk in the parade. So prepare your red, white, and blue outfits with your children and march on!

old williamsburg virginia

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

For the history buffs who would appreciate a real-life simulation with Thomas Jefferson and the likes, then Colonial Williamsburg should definitely be your first stop. Start the day at 9:30 a.m. with a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Capitol West Balcony. At 10 a.m., attend the Salute to the States, a commemoration of the anniversary of the United States’ birth and the original 13 states.


New York City

The highlight of NYC’s Independence Day is Macy’s massive display of fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge. Huge floats are presented in the afternoon parade, where locals attend while those living farther afield watch it on television. Pick a spot in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn and watch the fantastic aerial display of exploding lights into the night.

The Fourth of July is truly a remarkable day for us to be reminded of how our forefathers fought so hard for the freedom that we have today. And alongside that liberty is the privilege of getting to experience the Fourth of July in different states in one day. That is made possible with West Palm Jets. Book now and plan out how your patriotic heart will be celebrating the national holiday!

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