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An Exclusive Spin on the U. S Open!

An Exclusive Spin on the U. S Open! This was originally posted on The Exclusive Blog: A Private Jet Lifestyle on June 23, 2016.  U.S OPEN 2016 August 29 – 31 The United States Open Tennis Championships is a hardcourt tennis tournament which is the modern version of one of the oldest tennis championships in the world, the U.S. National Championship, for which…
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Celebrate New Year Twice with WPJC Private Jet Charter

Celebrate New Year Twice with West Palm Jet Charter If you are a hardworking person, who spends all year round' in an office or cubicle, then this is your chance to truly blow off some steam, by celebrating the New Year, not once, but twice! yes, you read right, with Private Jet you'll be able…
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Top 5 Yachts from the 2017 Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows

TOP 5 YACHTS FROM THE 2017 CANNES AND MONACO YACHT SHOWS The Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show has marked the official commencement of this year’s yachting season. The show features over 100 yachts including 84 yachts differing in speed, size and design making their global debut. With the impressive number of launches, it…
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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017 Behold this Nov 1 - Nov 5, 2017, something spectacular is happening. It's the 58th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show which will hosted by the "Yachting Capital of the World". The show will display range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yacht. There will be…
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WPJC Business Event Planning Services on LinkedIn

WPJC Busines Event Planning Services on LinkedIn As an executive assistant to a CEO, you know that planning an event has a lot of moving parts. Whether you’re arranging plans for the CEO or arranging a business seminar or retreat, there are many details that go into making the whole thing work. West Palm Jet Charter can…
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Should Your Next Trip Be to Ibiza?

Should Your Next Trip Be to Ibiza? Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea that is being talked about more than ever before with the Mike Posner song playing on the radio every five minutes. The inclusion of the island’s name in the name of the song is no accident, as it is…
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Jet Charter Daytona: Events to Look Forward To

Jet Charter Daytona: Events to Look Forward To Daytona Beach is “The World’s Most Famous Beach,” known for gorgeous white sands and impeccable year-round temperatures. Since the early 1900s, Daytona has also inspired people to race. Flaunting flat lands and pretty scenery, Daytona is the perfect place to reach top speeds when racing. Check out…
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Why More Businesses Are Choosing Private Jet Charters

Why More Businesses Are Choosing Private Jet Charters Since 2008, business utilization of private jet charters has been on the rise, with continued growth in 2016. So why are so many companies, large and small, choosing private jet charters? Believe it or not, it’s not all about luxury and style (although it’s a definite perk!).…
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Book Your Miami Private Jet to Art Basel 2016

Book Your Miami Private Jet to Art Basel 2016 Are you a connoisseur of art and culture? How about luxurious beaches, shopping, and nightlife? Art Basel is coming up December 1 to 4, 2016, and it’s right up your alley. Art Basel is an annual event where art curators, collector, and galleries from around the…
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Jet Charter Miami: Tips for Enjoying Your Trip

Jet Charter Miami: Tips for Enjoying Your Trip Miami is an Alpha-World city that is famous for its amazing beaches and one-of-a-kind nightlife. Miami is also a very clean city and one of the richest in the nation. If you will be flying into Miami, you can take a private jet charter right into the…
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Popular Private Jets to Get You to Your Next Vacation Destination

Popular Private Jets to Get You to Your Next Vacation Destination Traveling by private jet can make your vacation even more luxurious and comfortable. When it comes time to actually book your flight, though, it helps to have some idea of what your accommodations will be like. When you book with a private jet charter agency,…
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Don’t Miss the Monaco Yacht Show This Year

Don't Miss the Monaco Yacht Show This Year (2017) The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show will bring an exciting variety of some of the world’s most luxurious and incredible yachts to Port Hercules. The show has been a huge success in the past, giving exhibitors a chance to show off their products and giving worldly elites…
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Jet Charter Orlando

Jet Charter Orlando Orlando is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, featuring a wealth of things to do and a warm climate year-round. Taking a private jet charter into Orlando can make your stay more comfortable and ensure a pleasant trip starting with your flight. Once you land in Orlando, you can choose…
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Top 5 Cancun Resorts to Visit in August

Top 5 Cancun Resorts to Visit in August If you’ve had your eye on a luxurious vacation in Cancun, you might be surprised to learn that August is one of the best times to make it happen. Since August is Cancun’s off-season, you’ll be able to enjoy the same days of lounging and pampering in…
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Future Luxurious Cruise Ships Sneak Peak

Future Luxurious Cruise Ships Fifty years ago, no one thought Future Luxurious Cruise Ships would evolve into 1,200-foot behemoths capable of carrying 5,000 passengers. And while we’re excited by the innovations on new ships like Quantum of the Seas, it’s hard not to wonder how dramatically different cruise ships will look 50 years from now.…
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Floating Home Of The Future Review

Future Floating Home Review Out of respect for the environment and planet earth, the Italian mini yacht maker Jet Capsule created a fantastic future floating home concept called the U.F.O. - Unidentified Floating Object. The future floating home on the ocean moves with the help of an electrically charged hydro jet engine (specifically, water jet…
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Luxurious Hotels in Florida’s Palm Beaches

Luxurious Hotels in Florida's Palm Beaches Florida’s Palm Beaches are comprised of 38 towns and cities that make up Palm Beach County including Palm Beach, West Palm, Jupiter, and Boca Raton. Flush with Luxurious Hotels Florida's Palm Beaches are also home to world class shopping, fine dining, and 47 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. With…
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Air Charter with Flat Beds

Air Charter with Flat Beds A question that is often asked when a client is deciding between different air charter options for their flight is: does my air charter have a flatbed on-board? While time-saving and flexibility are the top reasons why clients choose air charter aviation, on longer flights the potential of sleeping onboard…
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Private Jet Interiors – West Palm Jet Charter

Private Jet Interiors Just like the aircraft themselves, private jet interiors can vary in length, space, seating layout and more. Owners tend to customize their private jet interiors, with some looking to make it as comfortable as possible, while others try to create completely unique and creative ideas that no one else has thought about.…
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The 8 Most Beautiful Parks of Paris

  • Parc-Monceau
  • Parc-Montsouris
  • Square-du-Vert-Galant
  • Luxembourg Garden
  • Parc-Andre-Citroen
  • Jardins-de-L’Observatoire
  • Jardin-des-Plantes
  • Je jardin des Tuileries et le pavillon de Flore (Paris)

The 8 Most Beautiful Parks of Paris

West Palm Jet Charter brings you a closer look to the 8 most beautiful parks of Paris in France. Discover the beauty of these parks inside.  Book a private jet to Paris, France today.

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