The Best Way To Fly to Honolulu_

Honolulu, Hawaii is an island filled with the beauty of natural landscapes surrounded by luxurious accommodations in an exciting atmosphere, making it a top destination for anyone celebrating the month of love. However, the best way to avoid the stress of travel is to book a private jet charter that will make getting there part of the fun.

Let an awesome ride on a private jet charter take you quickly and smoothly to some of Honolulu’s favorite stopovers.

Dave & Busters and Tiki’s Family Fun Center

Families and friends on a Valentine’s date can spend a day at Dave and Busters and Tiki’s Family Fun Center, where a host of games like billiards, bowling, video arcades and virtual reality are waiting for young ones and adults alike. Sports enthusiasts can watch unlimited football and even play a bit of arcade basketball over cocktails and Hawaiian specialities. You’ll never have to go outside again with exciting games of laser tag and mini golf for the whole family over a delicious treat at Tiki’s Family Fun Center in Hawaii Kai.

Godspeed Adventures

While indoor activities are a specialty in Honolulu, the great outdoors also has great things in store for couples who want to explore the landscapes of Honolulu via private jet charter. Watch the sky and seaview by parasailing or race your heart out with skydiving activities with Godspeed Adventures’ qualified instructors.

skydiving activities

Bluenote Hawaii and Hideout at the Laylow

Enjoy a night of jazz music and dine under the stars with your loved one at Bluenote Hawaii or satisfy your palate with exotic fine dining dishes at Hideout at the Laylow. You can also prebook overnight stays in these areas to fully access classic amenities like the infinity pool and enjoy night events like cultural shows and indoor concerts.

Northshore Beach

For a classic date night out on Valentine’s, a picnic at Northshore beach over a bonfire is an interesting activity for both young and old. The temperature is also just right for camping out and gazing at night sky.

Northshore Beach

Bishop Museum

Art and history lovers can check out the Bishop Museum, which is full of Hawaii’s royal history. A number of valuable antiques are also on sale and if you take the Monarch tour, you’ll see the live lava show and planetarium.

Manoa Falls

Scenes from the Jurassic Park come to life in the 100 ft. tall Manoa falls surrounded by a lush rainforest and majestic views of the falls—every nature lover’s personal favorite. Diverse wildlife species protected by the U.S. government are also present in the area.

Whatever your taste for a fine vacation is, Honolulu is the perfect place to start. Book your honeymoon or romantic dates in Honolulu with the best private jet charter in town.

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