If you are a hardworking person, who spends all year round’ in an office or cubicle, then this is your chance to truly blow off some steam, by celebrating the New Year, not once, but twice! yes, you read right, with Private Jet you’ll be able to celebrate the New Year twice by traveling back across the International Date Line.

celebrate new year twice

There is no denying that New Year parties are the best parties out there, no matter which city, state or country, and now, thanks to a private jet charter you can enjoy this amazing parties twice, by traveling back in time… sort of speak.


Well, pay attention or it may get a little confusing. This is the closest will ever be to “time travel” without a T.A.R.D.I.S. This is best explained with an example.

The Samoan Islands and the American Samoan, the difference between them is of mere miles, however, there is a 25-hour difference between each other, so, basically, your party from dusk till dawn on Samoa, fly to American Samoa, get a full eight hours sleep, and party again to welcome the New Year. Great huh? imagine the possibilities of having two birthday parties or two anniversaries.

fireworks new years eveThe same principle applies to this next cities, Sydney and Las Vegas, you begin your party in Sydney Australia, at the Opera House, or any other party hot spot throughout the city. Enjoy all New Year festivities and when you are done, you can head back to Kingsford Smith airfield, which offers around the clock access to private Jets and fly on your Gulfstream G650ER all the way through Las Vegas, Nevada, there are 19 hours time difference between the two.

new years fireworks

While on the Private Jet, you can continue to enjoy the party with the rest of the partygoers and continue the celebration, VIP style and with state of the art entertainment systems. The Gulfstream G650ER is the fastest long-range private jet in the market, it sits 13 passengers which makes him the Party aircraft by choice.

How about from Auckland to Los Angeles? Well, you sure can, thanks to a Private Jet Charter. You can celebrate with style and glam in this two cities. Auckland is the second time zone that welcomes the New Year, you can cruise the harbor and enjoy the World famous New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Sky Tower, you can then hop up on your private Jet and fly to Los Angeles and party hard.

sydney australia

Thanks to Private Jet Charter, you can enjoy this amazing gift the World has given us, Time Zones, now, you don’t have to necessarily follow this itinerary, you can go from Sydney to Seatle, San Francisco or Honolulu.

You can experience the New Year’s eve twice by only moving east across the International Date Line.

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