Embraer Legacy 500

Everyone dreams of flying on a world-class private jet charter and that option is just around the corner. The Embraer Legacy 500 gives you an advantage over commercial airlines because it can take you to your destination on time, without delays. The Legacy 500 is at the top of the list of popular private jets among travelers because of the incredible features that put every passenger’s travel needs first. A long-range jet introduced in 2014, the Embraer Legacy 500 can accommodate flights from New York to Florida in approximately two and a half hours. This superior aircraft is designed in Brazil, while the production takes place in Embraer’s factory in Melbourne, Florida.

The Perfect Fit

The Embraer Legacy 500 fits a minimum of 8 passengers and a maximum of 12 passengers into its huge cabin measuring 27 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 6 feet tall–perfect for moving freely from one’s seat to the lavatory and baggage compartment area.

Elegant Design You’ll Love

The Legacy 500 also showcases a sophisticated design—a BMW interior design with a modern cabin design and large cabin windows for a panoramic view of the scenery below.

Work, Play and Rest At Its Best

The aircraft appeals to executive travelers who book with a private jet charter because of its comfort and class as well as features including its in-flight entertainment that keeps passengers connected with their favorite music and videos streamed from their device. If there’s a need to stay connected with work, then this business jet can connect you to the world below with a satellite-based WiFi connection that allows you to do call conferences and even check emails and news. Furthermore, the aircraft has flexible seating comprised of fully adjustable chairs and a flatbed option for a relaxing sleep.

Safe and Secured Throughout the Flight

Designed to have revolutionary performance capabilities, this business jet can fly at a range of 3,193 nautical miles and has electronic fly-by-wire technology to keep passengers safe throughout the flight. A convenient baggage space is also within reach, measuring 150 cubic feet and including a closet at 40 cubic feet space that extends through the lavatory.

A Smart Option

Traveling in fast-paced cities such as New York can be very stressful because of the heavy traffic and a year-round busy airport packed with travelers. Make the smart choice and avoid the long lines and hours of waiting to get on board an aircraft by opting for a private jet charter such as the Embraer Legacy 500.

Get acquainted with comfort and class in the air with the Embraer Legacy 500. Book a private jet charter on your own schedule for your business and leisure travel needs.

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