Love sailing? The Historical Regatta is coming up on September 1 on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, where you’ll witness the grand parade of colorful costumes and boats and the annual sailing competition from select sailors around the world.

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Why Fly Exclusive to the Regatta?

What is it about the Historical Regatta that keeps people coming back? Venice is known to be actively involved in watersports and various luxury activities such as shopping and boat riding. You can also ride to the Venetian lagoon and check out the beautiful Venetian architecture while being serenaded by a gondolier when you ride in any of Venice’s gondolas. Italy is also known as a pilgrimage site for many locals, so you’ll find yourself meditating in this city’s beauty.  The ride lasts for 30 minutes.

wine tasting

Pure Italian Taste

An activity to look forward to in your private jet travel to Venice is the food-tasting and walking tour, where you’ll get to experience the best food spots in the city including gelato, seafood, and Venetian wines. 

Renaissance Feel 

A side trip from the Regatta is a good idea and if you’re more of an artist, you’ll appreciate the chambers of Doge’s Palace, the thousand-year-old landmark of the Venetian Republic containing the courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale, made out of precious marble, the Ducal Notary and Office of the Great Chancellor bearing the national archives of Venice.


Venetian Islands

The Murano, Torcello and Burano islands, which isolate you from the busy city, are something to look forward to when you fly via private jet because of the creative and relaxing scenery, plus the glass factory and local fishermen’s picturesque homes. You will also find historic churches in the area.

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