Future Floating Home

Photo by Alain Limoges on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Future Floating Home Review

Out of respect for the environment and planet earth, the Italian mini yacht maker Jet Capsule created a fantastic future floating home concept called the U.F.O. – Unidentified Floating Object.


The future floating home on the ocean moves with the help of an electrically charged hydro jet engine (specifically, water jet propelled Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor) that is located on the bottom of the hull and connected to a battery.

The battery gets its juice from 40 square meters of solar panels on top of the structure. Being self-sustainable, UFO carries a water generator on board, which can be used to obtain clean drinking water from either rain or even salty seawater.

Inside on the 20 square meter main floor you will find a spacious living room and a lovely kitchen, while on the submerged 10 square meter level the bedroom and the bathroom with a million-dollar view eagerly await.

On a deck there is a lushful vegetable garden, measuring 12.5 meters in diameter.


Currently, the company is still raising funds to build a prototype based on their concept. It is estimated that when and if Unidentified Floating Object becomes a production model, we’re looking at a $200,000 starting purchase price.

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