Miami is an Alpha-World city that is famous for its amazing beaches and one-of-a-kind nightlife. Miami is also a very clean city and one of the richest in the nation. If you will be flying into Miami, you can take a private jet charter right into the FBO at the Miami International Airport and begin enjoying your vacation in style.

Visit the Famous Beaches

Miami Beach and South Beach are some of the most famous beaches in the world, attracting beautiful people from far and wide. The unique art deco buildings are a site to behold. If you want to view the buildings on your own, there is plenty of information online. However, exclusive tours are also available that can make your South Beach visit something to remember. The sights, sounds, and crystal waters are sure to set a wonderful tone for your vacation.

Dine at Five Star Restaurants

Miami has a happening food scene with many five star restaurants to pick from. While Cuban food is traditionally what Miami is known for, the French Palm d’Or restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere in an impressive setting and Joe’s Stone Crab is a celebrity favorite. Before leaving Miami, though, be sure to stop into Versailles, a restaurant known to have the best Cuban food in Miami.

Stroll Through Wynwood

Wynwood is art encompassed in a neighborhood. You will know you’ve reached Wynwood when you see the spectacular outdoor displays and professional graffiti. The neighborhood is home to over 70 galleries and museums, so you will find a shop for you no matter what your art preference. You may choose to participate in an art walk through the area, but Wynwood is lively no matter when you go. The menagerie of restaurants, bars, and shops that complement the galleries and museums will also be sure to keep you comfortable while you view.

Experience Miami Night Life

Miami really comes to life at night, with a dazzling display of neon lights and vibrant music. Many celebrities frequent the Miami nightclubs, which range from wild and exciting with tons of people to calm and relaxing, with cocktails served on the beach, low lighting, and quiet music. Regardless of your choice of scene, many Miami nightclubs are very exclusive, so make sure that your name is on the guest list ahead of time.

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