With the emergence of private jet companies seeking to make private jet charter more affordable for the public, a lot more individuals have access to private jet charters than ever before. They can conveniently travel anywhere in the world, thanks to deals offered by private jet companies.

Celebrities can now travel faster for international shows, business professionals can hop from one location to another for urgent business deals, and couples, families, and friends can free themselves of the stress of commercial travel and experience meaningful travel onboard a private jet.

See for yourself how private jet charter can improve your travel experience.


Just like the name suggests, a flight-by-flight charter requires its patrons to pay by the flight. Depending on the airline provider, some bookings take longer than others. Flight-by-flight, however, gives you more control and flexibility over your schedule, since you are not bound to only one charter provider.

You can also book last-minute trips for when you need to meet a business associate in DC by 3:00, nit need to be home with your family in Denver by 7:00. Although the flight-by-flight system can be pricier than obtaining a jet card, getting a quote gives you more payment information beforehand and there aren’t any hidden charges or fees. This works best for business professionals who don’t travel as much per a month.


For those who fly more frequently, the prepaid system of chartering a private jet could save you a ton of money. A jet card gives you a certain number of flying hours, consumable within a certain time period. Since the flights are all prepaid, there aren’t any additional or hidden fees. You just show up to the airport at the designated time and swipe your card to enjoy the private jet ride. A disadvantage with a jet card is that it is exclusive to a certain provider, which limits your options for trying out new aircraft.


If a private jet seems to be attractive both for your work and personal life, then buying a private jet should be the ultimate purchase. It becomes your property so it comes with many advantages: you can pick out any aircraft you desire on the market, modify it to suit your needs (maybe add a tub to your lavatory?), and fly it out anytime with a private pilot. The sky’s the limit.

However, it could be quite the hassle in terms of running expenses and maintenance. Some tycoons share the costs of a private jet by purchasing one together with associates, but this means you risk compromising some full ownership perks. If maintaining an aircraft doesn’t sound like a problem and you fly more than three times a week, then buying a private jet should put your life at ease.

Still can’t decide which option you prefer? Get a quote at West Palm Jets and see which works best for you. Say goodbye to hassles in long airport queues, noisy seatmates, and lavatory lines. Be at the top of your game and fly privately with an awesome flight crew that meets your travel needs and preferences.

Flying privately also gives you access to world-class menus prepared by top chefs and high-speed, satellite-based WiFi connection on board. Don’t miss this opportunity to fly at your own pace. Book with West Palm Jets private jet charter now. Call 1-888-507-8582 and get a free quote.

Disclaimer: All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By West Palm Jets are fully Certified by The Federal Aviation Administration and The U.S. Department of Transportation under part 135 regulations. Carriers are Solely Responsible for The Air Transportation Arranged on Behalf Of West Palm Jets’ Clients. West Palm Jets Does not OWN or Operate Any Aircraft. West Palm Jets is not a direct or indirect Air carrier. All flights chartered through West Palm Jets are Operated by Part 135 Air Carriers.

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