The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show will bring an exciting variety of some of the world’s most luxurious and incredible yachts to Port Hercules. The show has been a huge success in the past, giving exhibitors a chance to show off their products and giving worldly elites a chance to mix and mingle. The premier event spans over four days during which cocktail parties on the amazing yachts mark the end of each evening.

2017 Monaco Yacht Show

The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show will take place from September 27th through September 30th. The event will take place in iconic Port Hercules, Monaco, which is on the French Riviera. There are 30 super yachts scheduled to be shown at the event. Superyachts are luxury yachts that are at least 25 meters in length. About 30,000 participants are expected to attend this year’s show.

Origins of the Monaco Yacht Show

This will be the 27th Monaco Yacht Show or the kick-off to the next 25 years. In 1991, a few superyacht brokers held a show in Monaco. Since then, the show has grown in popularity and scope. In addition to brokers, yacht designers, architects, manufacturers, service providers, brand owners, and of course patrons now attend. Luxury magazines cover the event. Even the Prince of Monaco, H.S.H. Albert II is a patron of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Enjoying the Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is an event at which individuals can view and purchase superyachts. However, it is so much more than that. The show is a chance for professionals from around the globe to establish connections with other wealthy elites while enjoying some of the world’s most exclusive finery in an extremely luxurious setting. Those that wish to experience a luxury superyacht without the commitment can also charter one at the show.

Jet Charter to the Show

While the Monaco Yacht Show is a can’t-miss event, you may not have time to cruise to the show if you are a busy professional. A Palm Beach jet charter can get you to the show and back home again to take care of business quickly and without the hassle. Whether you wish to purchase a superyacht for leisure events or simply mingle with the elites that will be attending the event, a private jet charter can help you have your fun while still taking care of business.

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