It’s the best time to own a business jet this year because of lowered costs similar to 2009 prices in brand new and pre-owned business jets according to UBS Business Jet Survey. This big drop in prices has led the jet market to focus more on jet selling opportunities than in jet flying operations.

Here are major factors that led to the drop in prices of brand new and pre-owned business jets:

  1. The Rest of the Global Economy Is Still Catching Up

While the U.S. Economy is doing well, other countries are still catching up with regards to their economy like the Middle East and China, so the demand is low and prices are at a much reasonable rate.

  1. Over 15,000 Business Jets Were Distributed Before The Recession In 2007

15,000 business jets were distributed in 1994 which was at its peak before the recession in 2007, so there are still old business jets in the market with at least 12,000 hours airframes yet can still reach up to 25,000 hours when properly maintained.

  1. Jet Buyers Are Hesitant To Buy Old Jets Because of High Maintenance Required

This is the misconception that most buyers believe when in fact, the cost of maintaining older jets is lower compared to buying a new one with the same potential and features.

  1. Manufacturers Cut Prices Instead of Diminishing Production

Jet manufacturers prefer to cut down on business jet prices than to slow down production because the decrease would only happen when there is a loss of market interest or talent in making these jets.

  1. A Big Shift From Partly-owned To Whole Ownership of Jets

More part-owners of brand new and pre-owned business jets are shifting to whole ownership of jets because of attractive low prices offered in the market.

  1. More New Fuel-efficient Jets Are Produced.

If you’re eyeing for new models like the Gulfstream 650ER, you won’t have to worry about fuel costs because of its built-in features that are fuel-efficient.

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  1. Low Interest Rates

It’s fairly attractive to buy new jets because of lower interest rates compared to the past years.

If these factors have convinced you enough, it’s high time to check on a good business jet distributor that will offer you the best rates including good quality and features, and review on the cost of operation in managing and maintaining your own business jet.

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