It’s not just China that’s celebrating the Lunar New Year. Any business with Chinese partners or locations in countries with Chinese influence, like Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong, are bound to be on break for the holiday. While airports, accommodations and restaurants remain open for the celebration, it’s a pretty challenging period for business travelers who want to stay productive and celebrate the occasion and at the same time. Luckily, there’s a private jet charter you can trust during peak seasons such as the Lunar New Year.

Keep on track and plan a smooth trip even during the holiday with these smart business travel tips:

Chinese New Year Celebration

Know More About The Celebration

It’s important to know when and where the celebration happens and what roads and businesses are closed during the celebration. Lunar New Year starts February 5 and businesses shut down the day before and may stay closed throughout the Lunar New Year celebration. The public holidays last for only a few days but the celebration lasts for 15 days. Airlines are flooded at these times with passengers, both tourists and business people, so it’s best to secure a private jet charter for your stay in any of the countries with Chinese influence.

Chinese new year

Follow the Culture

It’s important for you not to work with Chinese business partners before and during the holiday because it shows respect to them and they would have a lot to prepare for the celebration. As a business person, you can enjoy the holiday while you wait for work to resume by following Chinese customs like wearing something red, which is a sign of luck, and avoiding white and black tops since those colors represent mourning. Black pants are totally fine, however. You can also wear bright colors. When you’re visiting Chinese people, they usually give out mandarins, a fruit from a citrus tree, as they symbolize giving out gold to a visitor. In turn, you must give mandarins back when it is time for you to leave. Make sure to use two hands when giving to be polite. Also, it is considered polite to refuse a gift at first, so not only should you refuse before accepting the gift, you should also keep trying to give after the recipient has refused.

Stay productive

Stay At Your Hotel

While you wait for the celebration to pass, it’s a good idea to stay productive by staying in your hotel. Hotels also have WiFi connections and a designated workspace so you can work in peace on your projects, check your emails or view reports without distractions.

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