Are you looking for fresh ideas? A community to collaborate with? Needing comfort to release your creative juices without the distraction of city life? Burning Man is a vibrant, out-of-the-box community that will transport you to a unique space where you can engage with different individuals interested in the arts, philosophy, culture, education, civic involvement and social enterprise.

This takes place annually in Black Rock, Nevada. This 2019, it will run from August 25 to September 2 and will feature efforts for environmental stewardship and cultural learning. The fastest and most accessible way to get there though is through a private jet charter.

Why Take a Private Jet to Burning Man

Black Rock City has its share of extreme weather, from high humidity to sandstorms and rainstorms. That’s why you need a private jet operator that is up-to-date with weather reports and prepared with any kind of emergency in flying. Apart from this, Burning Man attendees need to be fully prepared for camping out by bringing your own potable water, tents, sleeping bags, and medical kits.

Bringing these items need the larger baggage space that private jets have. Also, there is no communication or Internet connection in Black Rock City, so it’s best to book a private jet charter to get a satellite-based WiFi connection on board so you can stay connected with work.

What You Need to Pack for the Burning Man Encounter

There are a set of guidelines you can find at for safety, health and proper conduct in the event. Having a checklist of things to pack for the event will help you enjoy Burning Man’s activities better. Aside from following rules of the event, it’s important to bring along 1.5 gallons of water per person per day to keep yourself hydrated and healthy for the duration of the event. Moisturizers, sunblocks and lip balms are also a must to bring since they keep your skin from drying out.

Whiteouts are common in the area, so its important to bring a battery-operated radio to tune in to weather alerts and prepare goggles and breathing masks for sand storms. Bring along duct tape and other tools that are safe for setting up your camp. Don’t forget to purchase your Burning Man tickets ahead of time, as there is no onsite ticketing area in Black Rock City.

Bring Your Ideas to Burning Man

Make your stay count at Black Rock City with a private jet charter for easy transport to and from Black Rock City. Bring your fresh ideas and help support the causes you care about. Don’t forget to read and follow Burning Man’s 10 principles to be able to understand the culture of Burning Man and enjoy the occasion.

Heading for a desert-like Black Rock City can be unpredictable and convenience and safety can be compromised when you aren’t ready. However, Burning Man rangers and support groups are always ready to help and are aiming to give you the best experience by keeping you informed of guidelines and updates about their activities.

Stay connected and create new collaborations at the Burning Man event. Register at their site and get the best luxury transport that will take you securely to Black Rock City. Book the best private jet charters at West Palm Jets by calling 1-888-507-8582 and be amazed by the world-class customer service on board.

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