The crystal blue waters of Cannes and Monaco were flocked with yacht owners and suppliers from around the world to witness the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show.

The Cannes Yacht Festival opened on September 10, 2019 with 51,000 visitors, 638 boats and 500 exhibitors, which makes it a perfect avenue for enthusiasts to connect with yacht hobbyists and partners from across the world and gain international exposure in the yacht market. Exciting activities, such as “le Concours d’Elegance,” which features magnificent day-boats that will be sailing at Port Canto to the delight of visitors.

Cannes yacht

The recently concluded La Regata had 5 teams who competed for the Tour Voile. The Cannes Yacht Festival’s last day is on the 15th of September and, if you desire to catch up, you can fly private with West Palm Jets, which can dispatch a recommended private jet in 4 hours from your nearest private jet airport.

Yacht hobbyists can also view the Energy Observer, the iconic racing boat used by Peter Blake that won him the 1993 Jules Verne Trophy. This racing boat runs on renewable energy and is set to travel to 50 countries this year.

If you’re looking at the yacht lifestyle, head to the Vieux Port which holds the Luxury Gallery containing popular brands and amazing motor yachts on display.

The highly anticipated SailGP Championships will also begin on September 20 and end on September 22 at Marseille, so make sure to get tickets via their website ( and book a private jet charter to fly at your own convenient schedule and arrive in France on time.

The Hercules Port in Monaco will also feature cutting-edge yacht technology and summits that will further enhance the knowledge and expertise of every yacht operator looking to expand their business and attract more clients. The Monaco Summit will begin on September 24 and addresses superyachting topics, involves the opinions of industry experts and networking opportunities with professionals in the yacht industry. Aside from this, the Monaco Yacht Show Gala Event will commence in the evening and will run for 4 days with more than 350 guests and premier luxury brand partners.

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