Alaska Airports Due to its enormous size, Alaska has an extensive network of 281 public airports, including 91 airports that provide both commercial and general aviation services, 190 general aviation/public-use airports and hundreds of private-use airports and seaplane bases.







Most of Alaska is rural and fewer than 20% of its communities are served by roads. Consequently, air travel is virtually the only way to get around, and airports are a vital link for access to food, mail, schools and medical services. Alaska has challenging topography, with mountains that go from sea level to 20,000 feet within 50 miles. Summer flying weather is generally good with long daylight hours, but it’s possible to encounter icing conditions year round. Many of Alaska’s runways are gravel and not lighted. And fuel planning must be accurate because airports are separated by great distances.

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CityAirportAirport Code
AdakAdak AirportPADK
AkhiokAkhiok AirportAKK
AkiakAkiak AirportAKI
AllakaketAllakaket Airport6A8
Anaktuvuk passAnaktuvuk Pass AirportPAKP
AnchorageCampbell Airstrip AirportCSR
AnchorageElmendorf Afb AirportPAED
AnchorageMerrill Field AirportPAMR
AnchorageTed Stevens Int L AirportPANC
AniakAniak AirportPANI
Annette islandAnnette Island AirportPANT
Arctic villageArctic Village AirportPARC
AtkaAtka AirportPAAK
AtqasukAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial AirportPATQ
AttuCasco Cove Cgs AirportATU
BarrowPuviaq Airport74AK
BarrowWiley Post-will Rogers AirportPABR
Barter island lrrsBarter Island Lrrs AirportPABA
BeaverBeaver AirportWBQ
BelugaBeluga AirportBLG
BethelBethel AirportPABE
BettlesBettles AirportPABT
Big mountainBig Mountain AirportPABM
Birch creekBirch Creek AirportZ91
BirchwoodBirchwood AirportPABV
BucklandBuckland AirportPABL
CandleCandle 2 AirportAK75
Cape lisburneCape Lisburne Lrrs AirportPALU
Cape newenhamCape Newenham Lrrs AirportPAEH
Cape romanzofCape Romanzof Lrrs AirportPACZ
Cape sarichefCape Sarichef Airport26AK
ChalkyitsikChalkyitsik AirportCIK
Chena hot springsChena Hot Springs AirportAK13
ChuathbalukChuathbaluk Airport9A3
Circle hot springsCircle Hot Springs AirportCHP
Clarks pointClarks Point AirportCLP
ClearClear AirportPACL
Cold bayCold Bay AirportPACD
Cold bayPort Moller Air Force Station Airport1AK3
ColdfootColdfoot AirportCXF
Colorado creekColorado Creek AirportKCR
CordovaCordova Muni AirportCKU
CordovaMerle K Mudhole Smith AirportPACV
Dahl creekDahl Creek AirportDCK
DeadhorseAlpine Airstrip AirportAK15
DeadhorseBadami AirportAK78
DeadhorseDeadhorse AirportPASC
DeadhorseInigok Airport4AK1
Delta junctionAll West AirportAK77
Delta junctionAllen Aaf AirportPABI
DillinghamDillingham AirportPADL
Dutch harborDriftwood Bay Air Force Station AirportAK23
Dutch harborUnalaska AirportPADU
EagleEagle AirportPAEA
EekEek AirportEEK
EgegikEgegik AirportPAII
EielsonEielson Afb AirportPAEI
EkwokEkwok AirportKEK
ElimMoses Point AirportMOS
EmmonakEmmonak AirportPAEM
FairbanksChena Marina AirportAK28
FairbanksFairbanks Intl AirportPAFA
FairbanksLakloey Air Park AirportAK22
FairbanksMetro Fld AirportMTF
Fairbanks /ft wainwright/Clear Creek Airport2AK2
FarewellFarewell AirportFWL
FlatFlat AirportFLT
Fort yukonFort Yukon AirportPFYU
Galbraith lakeGalbraith Lake AirportGBH
GalenaEdward G Pitka Sr AirportPAGA
GambellGambel AirportPAGM
GolovinGolovin AirportN93
Granite mountainGranite Mountain As AirportGSZ
GulkanaGulkana AirportPAGK
GustavusGustavus AirportPAGS
HainesHaines AirportPAHN
HogatzaHog River Airport2AK6
Holy crossHoly Cross AirportHCA
HomerHomer AirportPAHO
Hooper bayHooper Bay AirportPAHP
HughesHughes AirportHUS
HusliaHuslia AirportPAHL
Icy bayIcy Bay Airport19AK
Icy capeIcy Cape Afs Airport2AK8
IliamnaIliamna AirportPAIL
JensensFort Jensen AirportAK60
JuneauJuneau Intl AirportPAJN
KakeKake AirportPAFE
KaktovikBullen Point Air Force Station Airport8AK7
Kalakaket creekKalakaket Creek As Airport1KC
KalskagKalskag AirportKLG
KaltagKaltag AirportKAL
KenaiDrift River Airport3AK5
KenaiKenai Municipal AirportPAEN
KetchikanKetchikan Intl AirportPAKT
KianaBob Baker Meml AirportIAN
King coveKing Cove AirportKVC
King salmonKing Salmon AirportPAKN
KlawockKlawock AirportPAKW
KobukKobuk AirportOBU
KodiakKodiak AirportPADQ
KotlikKotlik Airport2A9
KotzebueRalph Wien Memorial AirportPAOT
Kulik lakeKulik Lake AirportLKK
KuparukUgnu-kuparuk AirportUBW
KwethlukKwethluk AirportKWT
LevelockLevelock Airport9Z8
LonelyLonely As AirportAK71
Lost riverLost River 1 AirportLSR
Lost riverLost River 2 AirportAK45
MarshallMarshall Don Hunter Sr AirportMDM
MccarthyMc Carthy Airport15Z
McgrathMc Grath AirportPAMC
McgrathNixon Fork Mine AirportAK40
Mckinley parkDenali AirportAK06
MekoryukMekoryuk AirportPAMY
Middleton islandMiddleton Island AirportPAMD
MinchuminaMinchumina AirportPAMH
Mountain villageMountain Village AirportMOU
NapakiakNapakiak AirportWNA
NapaskiakNapaskiak AirportPKA
Nelson lagoonNelson Lagoon AirportOUL
NenanaNenana Muni AirportPANN
NikolaiNikolai AirportFSP
NikolskiNikolski As AirportIKO
NoatakNoatak AirportPAWN
NomeNome AirportPAOM
NoorvikRobert Bob Curtis Meml AirportD76
North poleBradley Sky-ranch Airport95Z
NorthwayNorthway AirportPAOR
NuiqsutNuiqsut AirportPAQT
NulatoNulato AirportNUL
NyacNyac AirportZNC
PalmerPalmer Muni AirportPAAQ
PalmerWolf Lake Airport4AK6
PetersburgJames A Johnson AirportPAPG
Pilot pointPilot Point AirportPNP
Pilot pointUgashik Bay AirportUGB
PlatinumPlatinum AirportPAPM
Point hopePoint Hope AirportPAPO
Point layPoint Lay Lrrs AirportPPIZ
Port alsworthWilder Natwick Llc AirportAK51
Port clarencePort Clarence Cgs AirportPAPC
Port heidenPort Heiden AirportPAPH
Prospect creekProspect Creek AirportPPC
QuinhagakQuinhagak AirportAQH
RampartRampart AirportRMP
Red devilRed Devil AirportRDV
Red dogRed Dog AirportPADG
RubyRuby AirportPARY
Russian missionRussian Mission AirportRSH
SagwonSagwon AirportSAG
Sand pointSand Point AirportPASD
SavoongaSavoonga AirportPASA
Scammon bayScammon Bay AirportPACM
SelawikSelawik AirportPASK
SewardSeward AirportPAWD
ShagelukShageluk AirportSHX
ShaktoolikShaktoolik Airport2C7
Sheldon pointSheldon Point AirportSXP
ShemyaEareckson As AirportPASY
ShishmarefShishmaref New AirportPASH
ShungnakShungnak AirportSHG
SitkaSitka Rocky Gutierrez AirportPASI
SkagwaySkagway AirportPAGY
SkwentnaSkwentna AirportSKW
SleetmuteSleetmute AirportSLQ
SoldotnaSoldotna AirportPASX
South naknekSouth Naknek Nr 2 AirportWSN
SparrevohnSparrevohn Lrrs AirportPASV
St georgeSt George AirportPAPB
St mary'sSt Mary S AirportPASM
St michaelSt Michael AirportSMK
St paul islandSt Paul Island AirportPASN
SummitSummit AirportUMM
Tahneta pass lodgeTahneta Pass AirportHNE
TakotnaTatalina Lrrs AirportPATL
TalkeetnaTalkeetna AirportPATK
TanacrossTanacross AirportTSG
TananaRalph M Calhoun Meml AirportPATA
TatitlekTatitlek Airport7KA
TetlinTetlin Airport3T4
Tin cityTin City Lrrs AirportPATC
Togiak villageTogiak AirportPATG
Toksook bayToksook Bay AirportOOK
Trading bayTrading Bay Production Airport5AK0
TyonekNikolai Creek Airport9AK3
UmiatUmiat AirportUMT
UnalakleetUnalakleet AirportPAUN
Utopia creekIndian Mountain Lrrs AirportPAIM
ValdezValdez Pioneer Field AirportPAVD
VenetieVenetie AirportVEE
WainwrightWainwright AirportPAWI
WainwrightWainwright Aaf AirportPAFB
WalesWales AirportIWK
WasillaWasilla AirportPAWS
WillowWillow AirportPAUO
WrangellWrangell AirportPAWG
YakatagaYakataga AirportCYT
YakutatYakutat AirportPAYA
few clouds
humidity: 48%
wind: 9mph W
H 62 • L 47
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Alaska Quick Info

Capital: Juneau

Largest City: Anchorage


663,268 sq mi (1,717,856 km2)


51°20’N to 71°50’N


130°W to 172°E


739,795 (2017 est.)

Time zone

• east of 169° 30′ Alaska – UTC -9/-8

• west of 169° 30′ Aleutian – UTC -10/-9

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